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Educational Information and Frequently Asked Questions

In this section - click on the link to gather Educational Information, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and seek Emergency Services.


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Emergency Services Information

What do I do in the case of an emergency during Office Hours?

Come in immediately during business hours! Call before hand if you can and we will begin to prep for the emergency. We do not take appointments and see pets on a first come first served basis. HOWEVER, any emergencies will receive an immediate response.

What do I do in the case of an emergency and if this an after-hour emergency and our clinic isn't open?

We work hand in hand with Pet Emergency and Specialty Center located contact:

Pet Emergency and Specialty Center

Address: 5232 Jackson Drive, Suite 105, La Mesa, CA (Located in Jackson Square Center)

Phone: 619-462-4800

If you call our practice after hours, simply press 1 to be connected to PESC.

General FAQ's

I am new to your practice, what can I expect on my first visit?

As a new client of our practice, you can expect our full attention to your pets' needs.  Our service will be provided with courtesy and respect.

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be greeted warmly, and ushered into an examination room by an experienced assistant.  Our goal is to see all of our clients and patients as soon as possible, and although we have contingencies for emergencies, there will be times where the unexpected will create delays. We will ensure these are minimized as much as possible.

The veterinary assistant will take a history, and gather some data for the doctor.  A veterinarian will see you next, examine your pet, answer your questions and plan further diagnostics or treatment as necessary.  The assistant will attend to necessary details and will provide you with further educational information and answer routine wellness and care questions for you.  Upon exiting the exam room, our client care specialists at the front desk will handle financial details and schedule any needed follow up.

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General FAQ's

Can my pet see the same veterinarian/ technician each visit?

We make every effort to accommodate our clients' requests. However, there may be circumstances that prevent a certain veterinary team member from being available during your pet's visit. Scheduling conflicts, emergency situations, and vacation schedules all play a role in their availability. Please feel free to ask for a specific veterinarian or veterinary technician when you arrive for your appointment, and we will do what we can facilitate your request. However, please be understanding if we can't. All of our team members are highly skilled professionals who look forward to your pet's visit.

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General FAQ's

Why is my veterinarian referring my pet to a specialist?

Our top priority is to make sure that our patients receive the highest standard of care and best possible outcome. This is why we sometimes make the decision to refer patients to veterinary specialists or specialty clinics when advanced training or equipment will be beneficial.

Our veterinarians make every effort to stay current and skilled in many aspects of animal health, providing comprehensive care for your pet. However, board-certified specialists have extensive experience and training in a particular area of veterinary medicine or surgery. And specialty clinics and university-affiliated referral centers have specialized equipment to perform procedures that are not routinely undertaken by general practitioners.

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General FAQ's

What's the best way to schedule an appointment?

Remember, we do not schedule appointments for Office Visits. We do however schedule Surgeries (Spays and Neuters) as well as all Grooming Services and Boarding Stays. Please call (619) 444-9491 to book a convenient appointment time, or use our online appointment scheduler to request a date and time using your personal Petly Page.

Payment Types including Care Credit

Payment FAQ

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept any of the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • CareCredit


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Health Insurance FAQ

Can I get health insurance for my pet? If so, what's covered?

Several companies offer health insurance for dogs and cats (and other pets). These plans have premiums and deductibles, just like human health insurance plans. The premiums and deductibles vary based on the level of coverage you select.

Many routine services, such as office visits and diagnostic testing, are covered, as well as prescriptions, procedures, and surgeries for a wide variety of diseases and conditions. However, there are restrictions and limits, as well as certain guidelines to follow, including making sure your pet receives regular preventive care.

Ask us for more information about pet health insurance.

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Payment Plan FAQ.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any payment plans at this time. We request that you pay for services provided at the time of your pet's visit. If you have any questions about our payment policy, please feel free to ask.

We recommend that you include the cost of veterinary care in your annual expenses. However, we understand that this sometimes isn't possible. If you contact us ahead of time, we can help you determine ways to keep costs down and stay within your budget. For instance, some preventive veterinary care can be spread out over several visits. Your veterinarian will work with you to come up with a cost-effective plan to keep your pet current on vaccinations and other necessary services.

We do accept major credit cards, as well as veterinary insurance plans, which can help cover many routine and emergency services.

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